Welcome to Innovative Medicines Canada's  Online Sponsorship application site!

You will be able to create your profile and save your sponsorship application at any time throughout the process until you are ready to submit it, at your convenience.  You may also note that the site is accessible from your mobile devices and is in both official languages.

We trust that the online process will expedite the application and review steps. A copy of the questions that you will be asked are available here for your reference 
Sponsorship Questions.

Information about the Sponsorship program can be found at: http://innovativemedicines.ca/about/sponsorship-application/ 

As mentioned on our website above, we look for proposals with clearly stated Strategic Priorities that are aligned with ours and that present opportunities for longer-term partnerships and alliances. The association's Strategic Priorities are as follows:

  • Become an authentic, solution-driven partner through effective alliances, policy and leadership.
  • Improve the access and regulatory environment in Canada.
  • Advocate for a globally competitive Intellectual Property (IP) regime.

Should you have any questions or require assistance please contact Elene Pregent at 613-236-0455, extension 728 or sponsorships@imc-mnc.ca.

We wish to thank all applicants for their interest in partnering with our association and we look forward to receiving your submission.

Reminder - Proposals must be received by one of the following pre-set quarterly deadlines:

Application Deadline Decision Date Funds Flow
January 1st March 1st April 1st
April 1st June 1st July 1st
July 1st September 1st October 1st
October 1st December 1st January 1st

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